Omega NOC Features

Based on top of Shinken and with the Nagios® compatibility, you will be able to run Omega NOC lightning fast if you already have a Nagios®/Shinken configuration.
Omega NOC provides:

Supervision & Alerting

Run any check on any host! Omega NOC can run your scripts and can poll your routers, switches, servers via SNMP. It also embeds a large panel of generic scripts for a fast start. It can alert you of errors by email, SMS*, instant messaging and so on. The only limit is your imagination.

Metrology & Perfcounters

Because supervision is not enough, Omega NOC provides a dashboard that shows your charts with a new generation design. Add any perfcounter you want to your personal page, with the colors and shape you prefer.
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Forecasting & prediction

Unlike most humans, your servers are predictable!
Omega NOC will give you forecasting on your perfcounters and will try to find errors on your hardware and software components! Be proactive and solve the error before it really happens.


Here is the beast, enjoy the sweet user interface we have crafted for you!


Omega NOC is an opensource project, you can download it from github or chooose a release tarball.

News From Blog

Get informed about the latest news about Omega NOC

Say hello to the new release v0.93

30 November,2015

This new release is out with a huge number of bug fixes. We also have improved graphing zones and add a configuration tool inside the web interface ! Don't wait and test the new release !

The first release is out!

20 January,2015

After a long period of development, Omega Cube is proud to announce the first release of Omega NOC, the ultimate monitoring solution which gives you a new generation user interface with a new way to visualize your IT infrastructure.

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We are happy to talk you through our project or run live demos for those wishing to see what it is to use our product and how it looks like.

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email: contact - at - omeganoc - dot - org